Are you tuned in?

maxresdefaultI was listening to someone this morning talking about old radios and how we used to have to twist a dial to get the station we wanted (those of you of a certain pre-digital age will know what I mean here)  and then a lot of the time, twist it again very carefully in order to eliminate interference in the sound and get the best possible quality signal. Then there was positioning the aerial – that was another part of the fun.


Are you working for a living?

bored_worker_cropped_crop380w-denverprblog-comI was musing over this well worn phrase the other day.

I’d been thinking of it in a negative context. As one of those who hasn’t won the lottery (yet!), inherited wealth (not on the cards unless I get a call from some far flung shore about an unknown relative) or recently found a load of bitcoins on my harddrive,  I’m still in the business of earning my keep!


Lets get Real

I’ve been reading a very interesting book by Neil Crofts on personal authenticity.

One of the things he writes about is the importance of taking time out for introspection to help us discover who we are – our authentic self.

A wise move and yet many of us simply don’t do it – either at all or at a deep enough level. (more…)

Listen… just for 2 minutes


One of the very first exercises I remember doing at the start of my coaching training was to sit with a partner and listen to them describing something about themselves and their aspirations for 2 minutes without any form of interruption, verbal or non verbal. Sounds pretty easy right? Not long is it? I thought so too as we began… (more…)

How to be your imperfect best

Do your best

I love this quote. I put it on my Facebook page a few weeks ago and it really resonated with people. It struck a chord with me, not least because it drew me back to my childhood and how my parents would always say to me “just do your best” (rather than try to be perfect). A good lesson which, in adult life, has helped me go a bit easier on myself when I mess up! Well, usually anyway – I’m not perfect at this 🙂 (more…)