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What have people been saying?

“Just to say a big thank you for all the support you have provided over the past 6 weeks. I am in shock at how my productivity levels and staying focused on the task in mind have increased and how my overall motivation to tasks I find BORING as hell has been surprisingly good. This is a big compliment coming from a butterfly brained multi tasking plate spinner! Being an impatient person, I am now chomping at the bit to start moving towards getting the balance back in my life for a better work to personal ratio. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I feel that I have made so much progress and it is possible to change when you’re long in the tooth.” 

Sarah PJ, Owner of Siam Weddings,, property developer and practicing entrepreneur

 “My coaching sessions with Frank have been amazing! By working with him I’ve managed to untangle a knot of ideas and issues which I’d been stuck going around and around on for months. I have found clarity of both the root issues that I want to change, and the way I can take things forward to change them. Frank has an incredibly supportive manner which has made it easy for me to ‘open up’ and discuss the issues which matter to me most. I’ve found he has approached the sessions so intuitively, always adjusting his approach depending on my needs during each session: from encouragement and reassurance, through to helping me challenge my thinking and clarify my focus. I finish the sessions much richer and further along my journey than I began and would definitely work with Frank again in the future.”

Bev W, 

“Prior to starting my coaching with Frank I found myself a few months ago just stuck in a rut with no real idea of how I was going to get myself moving again. These coaching sessions with Frank have been instrumental in getting myself into gear again and feeling like I am heading in the right direction. I am hoping to be able to continue this coaching with Frank in the future and have no hesitation in saying that he has played a great part in taking me nearer to the final destination.”

 Scott T. Founder/owner

“I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Frank. I very much appreciated his professionalism, and personable style. We talked through a number of areas that I needed assistance with. At all times, I found our sessions to be thought provoking even when I thought I had reached a ‘mental brick wall’, which greatly assisted with my exploring these areas and gaining different and fresh perspectives. And I came out of each session hugely inspired to move forward – I found his relaxed ,positive style hugely motivating !  As a result, I have made great inroads in these areas. In addition, I found Frank to be non judgemental and subsequently, felt at ease opening up and quickly established a rapport with him.”

Michelle C, E-Commerce Sales Manager

“I set a small few goals and an overall goal within the coaching period with Frank – in fact, we covered a lot. I was a bit stuck when we started and he encouraged me to set realistic goals for myself on things like networking successfully, finishing a publication and starting a new writing project. We also discussed a work situation and finding my purpose! I found Frank to be very easy to talk to, empathic and extremely supportive. Not only did the coaching help me to feel better about various aspects of my current life, but I also enjoyed it and looked forward to our sessions.”

Charlotte D, Internet Marketing Consultant, Blogger and Author of “From ‘Ahh’ to ‘Zzz’: Surviving the First 18 Months of Motherhood with a Smile”

“This has been my first introduction to coaching. I found the process to be very reassuring; Frank came across as very courteous & professional. Working with Frank has given me some insights into ways of breaking repeated habits, and it has certainly given me a better understanding of the ways I approach tasks. Together with a new found self awareness of how to set goals more easily. Frank provided a solid and objective platform that made it easy to explore and understand short term goals and aspirations. As a result of my experience I wouldn’t hesitate to use coaching at a future date”

BP, Photographer

” Frank has been a great coach for me  and as a result I have managed to now achieve my own mobile beauty business.  When I started talking to him the idea of my own mobile business was in my head and within six sessions I designed and produced my own business cards, got a web designer to do my website for me which is up and running,  have an active Facebook business page, and am currently now starting promotion and advertising.  Frank has been an absolute inspiration to me;  there is no way I would have achieved as much as I have, built my confidence and would not have had my own business within this short amount of time if it had of not been for his help.”

Carla P J, Owner of Carla’s Nails and Beauty,

“My coaching sessions with Frank have proved to be instrumental in moving forward with my website, business and travel ambitions. Prior to the sessions, I would procrastinate over all the things I needed to achieve, and many a time, I would become so overwhelmed that I would do nothing at all. Frank has helped me to define my goals and to set definite and measureable action plans which have helped me to stop procrastinating and start doing!  Since the moment I met Frank, I felt very at ease with him and we soon built up an easy-going rapport. This enabled me to open up fully and be very honest with him, especially in terms of my fears and beliefs. From his great questioning, I am now more self-aware and have a deeper understanding of myself. Frank is a very motivational and energized coach. He listened to me intently and helped me to realise the importance of setting goals and actions plans. I would definitely have more coaching sessions with Frank and would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends, and family.”

Lisa J, Coach and founder of “Superstar Your Life”

“Frank’s coaching has been hugely helpful – I have clarified my own thinking on a number of key issues relating to the set-up of my business and transition from employment and came out of each session with clarity on what needed to be done and a clear, timetabled plan of action to achieve it. He’s also challenged me along the way to examine certain assumptions, which has made me think differently and more expansively about options for the future. I’ve appreciated this balance between very practically focussed support around goals and actions and a deeper challenge to underlying beliefs that might hold me back.”

Alison J, Trainer