Are you working for a living?

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bored_worker_cropped_crop380w-denverprblog-comI was musing over this well worn phrase the other day.

I’d been thinking of it in a negative context. As one of those who hasn’t won the lottery (yet!), inherited wealth (not on the cards unless I get a call from some far flung shore about an unknown relative) or recently found a load of bitcoins on my harddrive,  I’m still in the business of earning my keep!

But then I turned this phrase around in my mind and focused on the “living” part of it. We can talk and think of our jobs, careers, businesses in two ways :

1. Having to WORK (often in less than ideal circumstances) to pay the bills, fulfill our responsibilities, essentially as a form of “sufferance” (mild to major)

2. Working in order to LIVE (positively) a fulfilled life.

I know which version I’m staying tuned into !

If you find yourself drawn to thinking more about the WORK than the LIVE then maybe it’s time to:

  • (Re)define very honestly what “living” means to you.
  • Think about where you’re at right now in relation to that personal definition
  • Look at what you can do this week, this month, over the next year to close the gap – one step at a time

The next time I find myself saying  “I work for a living”, I’m going to emphasise (at least to myself) the last word and smile about it as I keep in mind the journey I’m on and my future goals and aspirations. I hope you will too.

3 Responses to Are you working for a living?

  1. Barry says:

    Insightful as usual.

  2. I agree Frank, work should be a part of life, it shouldn’t BE your life. After my Dad got unwell (possibly from work-related stress) my Mum said, “You don’t live to work, you work to live!” I’ve never forgotten that.

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