Book Recommendations

Some great books I’ve read and would highly recommend :

This is one of the main books (if not THE book) that led me towards discovering a more fulfilling life and helped to point me in the direction I’m now following. John Williams lives what he writes about. He is a man of practice not just theory. In this book he shows in simple and compelling language how to think about turning what we love to do into “work” (but of course it’s not “work”, it’s “play”). He’s currently writing his second book and I cant wait to read it!

Brian Tracy needs little introduction. This book is an easy and quick read packed full of excellent advice on how to get more of the important things done today. Brian uses the metaphor of the frog (as in a nasty looking frog, not a cute one!) for tackling our most challenging tasks – the ones we like to put off – but probably the ones which will have the greatest positive impact on our lives and distills loads of additional wisdom on time management in just over 100 pages of no-nonsense, cutting to the core wisdom.

I love this book by Michael Heppell in which he challenges us to get curious about how we interpret and handle every situation. He provides suggestions on how to free ourselves from beliefs that have been holding us back and shows a powerfully simple way to “flip” our thinking and energise our actions, so that we can get the very best from whatever life sends our way. It’s a really engaging read and well laid out, with a nice combination of theory, examples and exercises to make what he’s saying real for the reader.

Marianne Cantwell “Walks the Talk” when it comes to making the most of ourselves. She’s the founder of “Free Range Humans” and this brilliant book is packed full of her wisdom and tried and tested, practical how-to’s around making a living doing what you love.


More recommendations coming soon ……

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